Sharon & Richard Hydren | What to wear–what not to wear.
Business Portraits by Richard Hydren What to wear.
What not to wear.


The key to clothing selection is understanding good color design gives a portrait impact. 


Men don't have to be in a suit and tie to look professional. A more casual selection with carefully coordinated colors can reflect your personality while retaining a feeling of professionalism and trust worthiness.


Women don’t have to have black jacket over a white top, in fact, high contrast selections are not advised. Think about bringing one outfit in light tones and other in darker, but not black. 


Woman can also help direct the viewers eye to their face by keeping shoulders and arms covered. 

Business Portraits by Richard Hydren

Good portrait design
draws the viewer’s eye to the face.


Darker tone colors will draw the eye to the face which is the brightest area in the image. 


Light tones keep the face the darkest part of the image with very light toned clothes.
Business Portraits by Richard HydrenSaun

Which is better for you?

People with dark hair often will look best with darker tones and deeper background, but not always.


People with white and blond hair may look best with light tones and a light background keeping their face the darkest area in the image. But this may not always be the best option.


In practice, I have often been surprised through experimentation with clients and advise people to bring at least two outfits to the session, one dark and one light toned. I have several hand painted backdrops for the low key and a movable white wall for high key and I love to photograph clients both ways. The images come up instantly on my iPad and we both see the results in real time. Working together this way has been very successful for both myself and my clients.


What you should not wear.

  • Anything with lettering will cause the eye to go right to the words. Viewers will never look at your face.
  • Busy prints can kill a portrait almost as fast as lettering.
  • Large bright scarfs,
  • reflective jewelry and
  • even strong colors, such as a bright red top, can be extremely distracting.

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Business Portraits


What to wear. What not to wear.

What to bring. What not to bring.

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