Sharon & Richard Hydren | What to bring. What not to bring.
Business Portraits by Richard HydrenGillian Sickler
What to bring.
What not to bring.


  • Several changes of clothes, one in darker tones and one in lighter tones.
  • Dark and light tone does not mean black and white. 
  • Please bring solids colored tops, bottoms and jackets! 
  • No busy prints, or tight patterns.
  • Leave anything with words, lettering or logos at home. These are powerful eye magnets that kill a portrait.
  • Long sleeves are very good in business portraits for both genders. 
  • Lots of options, the more the merrier.
  • Minimal bling. 
  • Hair should be neat and freshly trimmed. 
  • Absolutely NO gel in your hair.
  • If you do not wish to pay for a make-up artist, make-up should be on the minimal side, not strong.
  • Skin wants to be soft and dry. Damp, oily skin will shine and you won't like the results.

Business Portraits by Richard Hydren


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Business Portraits

What to wear. What not to wear.

What to bring. What not to bring.

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