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Video Testimonials

One of the most powerful sales tools you can add to your website is a series of very short, warm and inviting testimonial videos featuring customers, adults and children, talking from the heart about your products or services. 


Clients have often reported results beyond their expectations. Depending on the nature of your business, and that of the testimonials, the return on the investment will vary.

Something to smile about.

The objective for Amherst Orthodontics’ customer testimonials was to decrease common anxieties people have about this particular form of dental work and express a family feeling as the hallmark of Dr Diane’s practice. The series featured many children, parents as well as adult patients addressing a wide range of issues in a warm, inviting and honest tone. Captured on location, this series demonstrates my post production editing skills which high lighted key dialog with a smooth and professional presentation.

Sensitivity in presentation.

To help children of elderly parents who are considering placing their parents into a long term health care facility as they approach the end of their life’s journey we presented a warm, knowledgeable and caring spokesperson to address various concerns with a series of short videos distributed about several pages in Sea View Retreat’s website. Also captured on location, this series demonstrates my skills in combining natural and artificial light, audio engineering and videography.

Increase Sales!

For Beverly Glass, a video featuring the store’s owner, Tom Trudel, talking about his custom glass tub enclosures, which resulted in an unexpected jump in sales of this profitable product line. The video presents a professional spokesperson in command of his subject matter and convincing in his presentation. Which he is in his store and on the phone. Never having been video before, Tom was nervous in front of the camera. This example of my work demonstrates how I work with my subjects to get effective performances that will exceed expectations. 

Getting your ducks and geese in order. 

Not ready for video just yet? If you feel your website is not working as hard as it should for your business but a very tight budget restricts your options perhaps jumping up the quality of the still images will help more than you expect. I have done this for many businesses with limited funds to maximize the effectiveness of their online presence. Essex Marina is a great example of this and their new website created by Greenbanana SEO in Beverly demonstrates how my photography set their business apart from their competition.


OK, so how much are video testimonials?

This is first question I’m asked and the hardest to answer without defining a considerable number of variables. 


It is equipment intensive, I have a number of LED studio lights designed for videography and 3 different methods for capturing sound. My method of capturing video is done with two matched cameras each fixed in place, simultaneously recording the speaker(s). 


The final edit is a very particular looking video that is designed to grab the viewers attention and hold it for several minutes while an average person talks, most likely for the first time, on camera. My goal is aways to help them look and sound relaxed while speaking from the heart in a convincing tone.


Your investment in this form of marketing may run from $300 to $600 per minute of final product. For a detailed estimate, we require a free consultation and an agreed upon outline of services to be provided. 


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