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Better images lead to better sales. 

The dentist and technician help a young patient understand the good dental care.Dental Practice: Rowley Family Dental
Essex_Marine_103Essex_Marine_103Hydren Product Photography
Office Condos in Burlington MA BURL_OfficeHydren Product Photography
Office condos in Burlington MABURL_Conf_RmHydren Product Photography
FSI UNH Stadium Branch, Service Credit UnionFSI_UNH_Stadium_Branch_083Canon 5D M3
FSI_UNH_Stadium_Branch_075FSI_UNH_Stadium_Branch_075Hydren Product Photography
Port_Blue_Port_Blue_Hydren Product Photography
Nichols_Village_516Nichols_Village_516Hydren Product Photography
Nichols_Village_239Nichols_Village_239Hydren Product Photography

Who are you trying to reach?


What are they expecting to see?


Parents of young children are looking for professional, caring and safe dental practice to start their children's oral hygiene care correctly.


Boat owners are looking for safe and convenient boat slips, ample parking and quality service.


Small business owners are expecting to find an inviting, professional office space with modern support infrastructure.


Shoppers for a conveniently located credit union are looking for competitive rates, friendly, supportive staff, and a bright and cheerful facility.


The children of elderly parents are searching for a safe, relaxing, clean and professional assisted care facility.


We've worked with Rick Hydren since the early 90s and have continued to do so because he delivers great work on time consistently. From assisted living facilities for the elderly to innovative lighting products, he is always prepared and ready to serve. He is very knowledgable about his craft, patient with us and our clients, and is always improving his product with new and better equipment, education and experimentation. – Tim Haggerty, Haggerty Companies.  


Marinas, assisted living facilities, office space, restaurants, residential rentals, water supply companies, shopping malls, even dinners have improved their branding with better images carefully crafted by Richard Hydren.


What ever the service or product you offer, good photography can help you promote your brand. Richard can be reached at 508-954-1298.

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An engaging and energetic worker, Rick efficiently does what needs doing, and often provides same-day service, making my job so much easier since “time is of the essence”. – Deb Hamilton

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