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Business Portraits by Richard Hydren
Business portraits by Richard Hydren
Business Portraits by Richard Hydren
The best version of you.


"I'm not afraid of being photographed,
I just never liked pictures of myself." 


Most people have never visited a professional's studio and have only seen poorly done snap shots. So it’s no wonder 9 out 10 people incorrectly think they photograph poorly when the real problem is the untrained camera operator.


Happily, 9 out of 10 people who visit a professional photographer's studio, including mine, are surprised to see how awesome their images look. Here are just a few reasons why you should be delighted with "the best version of you" that we will create:


We have a goal in mind.

Uncle Bob with his Canon Rebel and everyone else with a cell phone camera are trying to capture only what they see. Every good professional knows enough to have a goal in mind. We will have thought through the story we wish to tell before we turn the camera on.


For business portraits that story is most often about the subject's confidence and approachability, their commitment to their profession, and their trust proposition.


What is there about your face that concerns you?

Many subjects have explained to us about their perceived and real issues. Almost all of which are very easy for us to address with lighting and posing designed to diminish those issues. Any good professional will ask you about your concerns before taking the first image and then adjust their plan as needed.


Retouching is a learned art. 

What we do in the studio is just the first of several steps and nothing leaves my studio that has not gone through my carefully designed system of preparation based upon over 25 years of experience. But again, it will help us to meet your goals to know what your concerns may be, so please share those important feelings with us.


The mirror effect.

A portrait is a right-reading representation of you, displaying you as we see you. It is not the image we all carry around in our head, the wrong-reading reflection, the mirror image, that has been reinforced every day of our life as we groom our hair and brush our teeth. 


I have often explained this to people who have had to step in front of a mirror while wearing something with lettering on it before understanding the concept. 


My professional guarantee.  

If you are not happy with the results after our session I will gladly schedule a second session with what ever adjustments you feel needed at no additional cost. And I will gladly repeat the process for free until you are completely happy with the results.


What's included in the fee?

The $250 package includes the preparation phone consultation, 20 to 30 minute photography session in my Rowley studio, viewing images as we work, one selection, retouching and two files prepared, one for web and one for print use. 


Makeup artist is an additional fee, strongly recommended for all adult female subjects because our professional makeup artists, with years of training and experience, know exactly how to prepare patrons for the bright lights and camera lens.


$75 to prepare each additional pose for print or web use.


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Business Portraits

What to wear. What not to wear.

What to bring. What not to bring.

The best version of you.