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$500 Family Portrait Certificate$500 Family Portrait Certificate$500 Family Portrait Certificate



Families begin a new era of their lives as they move into a new house and there is no better way to celebrate this landmark event than with a family portrait:

  • The story captured in a family portrait is all about the love and caring they share.
  • The lasting value of the family wall display is such that they will never take it down off their walls.
  • That’s a long time to be remembered as the thoughtful real estate agent who appreciates family values as much as they do.

How much do your $500 Family Portrait Certificates cost me?

Nothing, there is no fee to buyer agents. Because, when you gift a family portrait certificate to the appropriate home buyers we should easily recover our costs.

Most appropriate home buyers?

  • Well educated professionals. 
  • Growing family. 
  • Children ages 3 to 18.
  • Combined incomes over $100,000. 
  • Invest in their future, their children’s education and occasionally in art.

How much will this cost my clients?

  • There is no obligation to purchase any more than the value of the certificate. 
  • $250 is for the session and $250 is applied to their purchases.
  • Gift items start at $79.
  • Small wall displays start at $749.
  • Large wall displays start at $1149.
  • We offer standard 20% discount off the total for collections of 3 or more wall displays, 16x20 and larger.

How does this work?
What do I have to do?

After the closing:

  • Hand write your thank you message on the supplied card.
  • Sign the certificate and add their name.
  • Put both into a folder with my name on it and leave it at the front desk at your office.

Sound good so far? 

Remember there are no fees to you! 

To start, please fill out the form on this page to: 

  • Order the number of thank you cards and gift certificates you wish to start out with.
  • I will deliver or mail an envelope to your office in a few days.

(Please note: many agents are retroactively sending the gift certificate to their home buyers from the past year or more!)