Sharon & Richard Hydren | The World's Greatest Egg Recipe
Richard Hydren's B&W Egg Recipe B&W Egg RecipeRichard Hydren's B&W Egg Recipe

The World's Greatest
Egg Recipe!


1 egg
2 forks
2/3 cup of fresh light

Thoughtfully inspect each egg in the carton for the one with the least confidence in its appearance.

Carefully pose in a upright position creating a feeling of respect and importance.

Take great pains in getting the right amount of space around the subject or the egg will not feel important.

Adjust the background and foreground to compliment and not distract from the egg.

Just before cooking, pour the fresh light slowly so the egg feels beautiful, worthy and loved.

Cook the egg for 1/125th of a second at f5.6, ISO 100.

Print onto a large plate and frame.

Chief’s notes: 

When you try this at home you may find the results frustrating.

Your egg may complain:

I don’t like pictures of myself.

I’ve never liked pictures of myself.

I don’t photograph well.

The secret to The World’s Greatest Egg recipe is correctly pouring the fresh light.

  • The quantity must be exactly right.
  • Poured at just the right speed.
  • And from the right direction.

You must do this with love and imagination to achieve the best results.

The recipe requires several years of practice but I promise, with close attention to every detail, the World’s Greatest Egg recipe will produce portraits that reflect feelings of dignity, respect and confidence. 

And when looking at the results, the egg may feel more beautiful than at any other time.


We should not be so critical of our appearance based upon the snap shots and selfies we are accustomed to seeing.

Most people have never been photographed with care and attention to details. 

We fully appreciate the anxieties and apprehensions some people experience in associated with having a portrait done. 

We have had many clients who would rather visit the dentist for a root-canal than be a subject in a portrait.

Well crafted images are focused on feelings and emotions.

They have the power to alter self perceptions and inspire the human spirit. 

We have witnessed women, from of all ages, who viewed themselves moments after having their images created, that have teared-up with the joyful realization that they are beautiful. 

It’s not that you do not photograph well.

It’s that so few have been photographed well.