Sharon & Richard Hydren | Best of Friends in Black and White

Best of Friends in Black and White

June 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Lauren Bantorno, black and white photography, B&W, PetsClose Friends Lauren Bantorno with her best friend.

Photographing a young woman with her dog in black, on black, for black and white with a digital camera that only records in color requires we convert the imagery to B&W in post. There is no B&W film in digital photography, right? The question then becomes how to best do the conversion. And for that, there are at least as many answers as there are photographers. We can use unique third party PhotoShop filters or a Lightroom color saturation slider. Or any one of hundreds of options between. Converting color to B&W is something I've done in PS since 1991 when PS was first released and I'm still learning new methods. For now, the way I did this image this past winter is my favorite. But that could change tomorrow. The key has always been in knowing my vision and then using the right tools required to reach those goals.

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