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Richard & Sharon Hydren, Portrait Artists
80% Love and 20% Imagination

You want your family portraits to reflect the very best version of you and your family members. A vision of happiness, warmth, confidence and beauty – a memory to last a lifetime, wrapped in a single moment. 

That is what we want for you too, and that is what we are experts in doing. We specialize in creating a visual, a scene, that moment that is special to all of you and then we preserve it forever in time with the ideal image for your wall. 

It’s not the click of the shutter that makes an artful portrait but rather the love and imagination in preparing all the details of the moment to be saved. The joy of getting this perfect is what we strive for – capturing the just right memory for you.

It’s the inspiration that comes from listening to your stories, learning about what’s most important to you, and thinking deeply about how to best reflect your wants and needs in a treasured portrait, one that you will display on your walls, and cherish for years to come.

But we’re always too busy.

Sadly, many parents let the opportunity slip by because life does get crazy. We understand because we were there too as our son was growing up. And so we don’t have a family wall display over our fireplace. Which is why we are so passionate when we advise, please don’t let life slide by so fast that you fail to hire a professional to save a moment of it for you to enjoy now and when you are our age.

Yes, but I want to loose some weight first.

Everyone has concerns about their appearance. And we encourage every client to honestly express those issues so we can be sure to address them. Addressing weight issues can be done with proper posing, lighting and camera angle. 

I’ve never photographed well.

This very common issue is best addressed with a professional makeup artist for tight head and shoulder business portraits, then lighting and posing. 

For full length group images of the family, good hair grooming, clothing selection and posing will result in images everyone will love. But if this is the primary hesitation keeping you from engaging in having your family’s portrait created please, please, read this very short article. It could free you from all that anxiety.

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Giving Back to the Community

We wish to donate a portion of our products and services to schools and nonprofits whose missions we care about. If you are involved in or know of an organization preparing a fundraising event in need of quality donations for their silent, live and online auctions please share their information with us.

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