Residential Real Estate Photography Services
Quality branding starts with quality images.


Fixing minor issues such as brown grass spots, sky swaps and other minor adjustments in PhotoShop are included in all packages.


But sometimes there are things home owners or agents may wish removed from the important “Beauty Shots” which may require significant time to adjust.


In the image above the agent requested I remove the clutter from the neighbor's driveway.


These special adjustments may cost from $30 to $60 or more depending on the issues to be fixed, always request an estimate before work begins.


Floor Plans

Upon request, we create floor plans as soon as the photography is completed using a laser measuring device which uploads the data directly into the iPad App with a bluetooth connection.


After adding all doors, stairways and windows the agent, and home owners, are invited to review the completed floor plans.


Because viewers will view the pictures online with the floor plans we do not include bathroom fixtures, cabinets, counters, etc. in the drawings.


Integrating the pictures and floor plans in our hosting program offers viewers hot spot buttons to empower visitors who wish to see particular rooms rather than wait for the slideshow.



  • Viewers get a sense of scale and flow of each floor
  • Viewers can click on any button to jump to the rooms of interest
  • The floors plan app we use on our iPad gives you complete PDFs which may include: room dimensions, square footage, both, or just room names.



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