Residential Real Estate Photography Services
Quality branding starts with quality images.

Starting in 2005, under contract with various ad agencies, I photographed model condo units for a number of national property developers and managers.


A decade later I provide photography services to about 60 to 80 real estate agents representing many different agencies around eastern New England. 


My focus is creating well lighted, sharp and inviting images, which represent room scale without exaggeration or distortion, and which are designed to draw attention to your listings.


Agents claim the magazine quality images are responsible for increasing attendance at open houses, faster sales at better prices.


Exactly as many national surveys claim quality images will produce.

The Making of Quality Real Estate Images

Before lighting
is added to the room.


Lighting interior spaces correctly requires experience and a sizable investment.

After lighting the room.


My routine process inside homes requires 1 to 4 lights and various light modifiers.

Homes should not be
at street level.


When the camera is angled upwards from the ground level, the sides of the building slant creating a A shape that diminishes the appearance of the home.

Photograph taken at about
16 feet above the street.


Getting the camera about the level of the second floor windows helps make the home look larger and more inviting.

Telescoping Camera Pole
& Motorized Camera Mount


Getting the camera about the level of the second floor windows helps make the home look larger and more inviting. It also creates a look for the homes you offer which few photographers can achieve.


Getting the camera about the level of the second floor windows could create problems adjusting and working the camera. 


Snapping the camera onto a motorized camera mount, which is controlled by an iPhone App, offers 360º control of the horizontal camera angle and about 30º of vertical camera angle. 


The same App controls almost all the camera functions including focus, settings and firing the shutter.


And in 3 seconds the image appears on the iPad for both of us to review before moving the camera.

Solving Problems in the Field

Because the telescoping pole can be set up on steep slopes, it offers a much better point of view of homes with a slopping front lawn such as this Lexington home built in 1891.

The steep slopping rocky ledge is not a problem for my pole at  this small cottage at the water's edge on the tip of Nahant.

Swimming Pools

Pictures of in-ground pools from as high as possible and with the camera pointing down offers a wonderful perspective with which to capture the imagination of home buyers.

The pool’s patio at this home in Merrimac was made with glow-in-the-dark stones the homeowner wanted featured in the hosted slideshow.

I returned later, just before dark, to set up the camera on the telescoping pole and went inside to await total darkness. Avoiding the bugs, I remotely controlled the camera from inside with my iPad which was much more comfortable. The bright white light reflected in the pool is either Venus or Mars.

Typical Work Flow

After booking your session and arriving at the site, we walk through your listing to discuss your ideas and count the number of rooms to be captured. 


We select from the three main packages all of which include:

  • 1 to 3 external images taken with my telescoping camera stand with a motorized camera mount controlled with my iPad.
  • 1 to 4 images of the kitchen
  • 1 to 3 images of each of the common rooms
  • 1 image each of the bedrooms and bathrooms you wish to include
  • Prices are based upon the number of rooms to be photographed, not square footage
  • Outbuilding, decks, pools, stairways, foyers and garden spaces will be counted as rooms

As the photography begins, agents are invited to adjust staging details and discuss camera point of view. All suggestions are welcome.


Images are displayed instantly on my iPad for easy viewing and commenting.


Almost every interior capture is done with 2 to 4 speed lights.


If floor plans are requested, as soon as the photo equipment is put away, we begin measuring rooms with our bluetooth, laser measuring device which uploads the data directly into my iPad. 


After adding all doors and windows the agent, and home owners, are invited to review the completed floor plans.


Payment is due at the time of the photography session, we accept all major credit cards.

Post production involves 


  • Uploading the images and floor plans to my desktop computer
  • Color grading all the usable files
  • Exporting the selected images into a different file format for the next step
  • Final tuning in PhotoShop includes grass and sky repairs, checking that all verticals are plum
  • Using special filters, adjusted to my tastes, all the images receive my “Special Spices” which creates the eye-popping and inviting look my images are known for.
  • Uploading files to either my hosted virtual tour program or to Dropbox

Hosted Virtual Tours
and Slideshows

  • Enter new clients’ profile, contact info, business portrait, company logo, and agent number
  • New clients then receive an email inviting them to visit the program and enter their own password    
  • Each tour gets a title and description 
  • Each image receives a title
  • Images are tagged to the floor plans, in virtual tours
  • Emails are sent from the program to you and anyone assisting you with IT to get your listings posted to MLS
  • Clients email back the MLS listing number 
  • We update the slideshow or tour with the MLS number and push the package up to for free
  • Clients then start to receive emails with reports on viewership  
  • When the MLS listing is marked as sold, the tour dynamically goes doormat (provided we have the MLS listing number in place)

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