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You can’t
sell a product with out
a photo.

And the better the photo,
the better the sales.


As an art director in advertising starting around 1975 I visited commercial photography studios weekly to help them capture my vision. The photos might be for magazine or newspaper ads, bill boards, brochures, annual reports or catalogs. In those days nobody could have foreseen how technology would be changed forty years into the future. Yet, in 2015, light still behaves exactly as it did then. And, bless them, consumers behave exactly as they did then. 


Light is light and desire is desire.

The tools we use to capture light and retouch the images we create today are a world apart from what we used 4 decades ago. How we get messages in front of our target audience has changed even more. However, the reasons you should hire me to create images of your products are the same today as they were 40 year’s ago. Professionalism and creativity are constants just like light and desire.


Call Rick Hydren today to book your next product photography session today at 508-954-1298 and we can talk about another constant, the need to save money, while we’re at it.


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