Our fees include design consultation, photo session, presentation session, images adjustments, printing, framing, and expert installation.  

We offer each client a variety of custom designed wall displays:  

  • Several computer assisted designs are generated using each supplied photo of the wall(s) in your home.
  • The displays are shown to scale removing all the guess work from the selection process.  
  • All art is printed by a national color lab which fully guarantees workmanship and shipping.
  • All art work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Typically, parents wishing to have a custom wall display of their family will plan to spend from $795 to $3,495.

Save 20% on collections of 3 or more images,
the largest to be no smaller than 16x20. 


"I had no idea what an 8x10 or a 20x30 would look like on our wall and I was afraid of getting the whole thing wrong. But seeing several wall designs printed out on paper, and they were using our wall in the designs, really helped my husband and I make the right choice. We both felt really good about the process. I mean the pictures were great, but we didn't know how they would fit in our home. And these designs really made it easy." – Deborah, mother of 3 boys.

To learn more about saving moments of a life well lived together, call Rick at 508-954-1298 today.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.



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