Hydren Photography Portrait Services

Capturing memories to last a life time.

Snap shots
capture the moments we wish
to share. 


saves the memories we wish

to treasure.

Life is a arch with common markers along it’s path through which we all pass. 


Sharing special moments of our children, ourselves and our parents with simple, easy to use point-in-shoot cameras is one of the most popular past-times we have in common with people around the world.


As we pass certain markers along life’s arch there is good reason to reach out to a trained professional to create images worthy of keeping for a life time. As a member of PPA, PPANE and NHPPA, I receive constant training in how to best approach each of these milestones to achieve the best results. In additional to hours of workshop training we compete among ourselves to improve our image making skills and to share what we learn by generously helping one another.


Above all, we learn it’s an honor and a privilege to share, capture and preserve our client’s life’s experiences for them to enjoy for the rest of their lives. To capture a family’s memories in an art form they can all enjoy for decades to come is the greatest challenge and the most difficult set of photography skills we learn.


There is a stark contrast between the intent and the quality of the crafted images we create and the quick cell phone snapshots we all love to share on social media. 


We all can capture the details of the scene with ease to share the moment on Facebook or Tweeter for a few moments before watching the photo get crushed by the tide of messages and images flooding onto the computer screen.


Portraiture is a learned art. 

We design the scene with thoughts about foreground, background, clothing, colors, lighting patterns, poses, and expressions. We fuss over the placement of hands, the curl of fingers, and fly-away hairs across the eyes. We worry about the reflection of light in the eyes and noses that are too reflective.


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