New Home Owner

$500 Family Portrait Certificate$500 Family Portrait Certificate $500 Family Portrait Certificate Enter your new home owner's information here to start the gifting process.

Well crafted family portraits capture stories about
the unconditional love and caring that each family share.

When you gift the $500 Family Portrait Certificate
to your best home buyers, together we will be offering something
with lasting value which they will never want to take down off their walls.

Home Buyer Appreciation PackageHome Buyer Appreciation PackageHome Buyer Appreciation Package

Filling out this form is the first step, please:

  • Hand write your message in the supplied thank you card.
  • Fill in the recipient’s name and sign the gift certificate.
  • Leave in a folder at your office front desk with my name on the outside.

$500 Family Portrait Certificate$500 Family Portrait Certificate$500 Family Portrait Certificate


With today’s cell phone cameras, all things photography have low perceived value in the mind of the average person:

  • To increase the perceived value of your gift, please use words such as “Artist,” “Portraits,” and “Family Portraits” which have a high perceived value.
  • Please DO NOT use: photography or photograph or photographer.
  • To help your home buyer to perceive the $500 value of this gift is coming from and paid for by you, we recommend, you includeI have” or we have commissioned portrait artist, Richard Hydren to… in your thank you message.

Lastly, about 2 days after I have mailed the package I will email or text you: 

  • Then please call your home buyers to inquire if they have opened the package and if they have any questions.This call will help remind your home buyer that this gift is coming from you.

Sweet! We'll take it from here and when your client has their family portrait proudly displayed on their wall we'll be back to you with a copy of their portrait for your walls.

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