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Elektrisola Catheters, marco photographyElektrisola_170515_CompositeHydren Product Photography
Elektrisola Catheters, marco photographyElektrisola_Composite-2Hydren Product Photography

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Harvey Tool has been coming to my studio for years with tiny drill bits for me to photograph for their catalogs and ads. To be honest, during the decades I was employed as an art director at various ad agencies, I never needed macro imagery for any ad or brochure. Yet, over the past 8 to 10 years I’ve gotten pretty darn good at making tiny objects appear bigger than life for a local purveyor in a surprisingly large market space with over seventeen thousand different products less than a 3/8th of an inch in diameter. 


Moving from tiny drill bits to catheters is almost like moving from normal vision to macro vision. The real challenges are to create a story about scale at a level of magnification in which the human eye has no frame of reference and to maintain a sense of light direction and dimension. At 1X and 2X we recognize the paperclip and quickly understand the size of the drill bit. With a 5X lens atop 5-6 inches of extension tubes, there is just about nothing one could place next to a catheter for a frame of reference which we would recognize. This issue lead us to showing additional images at levels of little and no magnification.


To see what normally can not be seen, give me a ring at 508-954-1298 today. After all, no product photography job is too small at my studio.


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