Richard Hydren's B&W Egg Recipe B&W Egg RecipeRichard Hydren's B&W Egg Recipe

The World's Best Egg Recipe!


1 egg
2 forks
2/3 cup of fresh light

Select the best looking egg from the carton and carefully pose in a upright position creating a feeling of confidence, respect and importance.

Adjust the background and foreground to compliment, not distract, from the subject.

Take great pains in getting the right amount of space around the egg or the subject will not feel important.

Just before cooking, pour the fresh light slowly over the top so the egg feels beautiful, worthy and loved.

Cook the egg for 1/125th of a second at f5.6, ISO 100.

Finish the presentation by carefully detailing any imperfections on the egg’s surface.

Print onto a large plate, frame and serve.

Chief’s notes: 

If your egg complains:

I don’t like pictures of myself.

I’ve never liked pictures of myself.

I don’t photograph well.

Remember there are many cooks who cannot do this recipe correctly.

The secret is in pouring the fresh light in exactly the correct quantity, at just the right speed. This requires practice, love and imagination for satisfying results.

By repeat this process many times you may come to realize the objective is not about creating pictures!

But rather, the objective is to create art.

And that the recipe truly requires years of practice with much love and imagination.

Many people come to our portrait studio showing signs of anxiety and expressing the three complaints listed above. They leave feeling at ease, confident, worthy and beautiful. 

If we can create a portrait of an egg which reflects feelings of dignity, respect and confidence, doing so with people should only require a little faith on your part in the powers of an artist who is well practiced with the World's Best Egg Recipe.