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Credit Union, UNH, NH

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Office Spaces


Local Office Park, Burlington, MA


Model Condominiums

National Property Developers, Lowell, Boston, New Bedford


Assisted Living



Retail Store and Malls



Public Space

National Manufacturer of Metal Library Shelving

3 decades ago, during the 1980s, I art directed and photographed commercial office spaces for Spaulding & Slye with George Petrakes while working at CC&D. And I have never stopped. After all, when you learn a craft from the best, why would you stop?


Today, I take pride in offering my commercial property clients a wide and complete offering of services.

  • Interiors images can be either detail and feature focused or lifestyle focused. (With or without people.)
  • Exteriors images are created with an eye on the weather and sun direction in addition to a variety of camera point of views.
  • Most exterior images are created with a 23 foot pole-camera to maximize the sense of size and scale of the building(s).
  • Post-Production & Retouching: Only fully enhanced and expertly retouched images are released to our clients. Most are framed a little wide allowing clients to crop images with a variety of aspect ratios.

Our attention to camera angles, lighting, composition and small details result in consistently good images no matter what type of business your property is designed for. Pricing is project based so please call 508-954-1298 today for an estimate on your next project.


New Pole CameraNew Pole Camera
Nearly the height of a telephone pole, my pole-camera is the ideal way to capture buildings in the right perspective. While I own and use a drone regularly, the pole-camera offers a much more stable and usable platform for quality building portraits. 


Residential Real Estate Services 

Three Residential Packages

Special Photography Services

Residential Production Fees

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Commercial Property Services