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"My experience with Rick was very professional and I'm satisfied with the end result I would recommend Rick to anyone who's looking to get a best photo for themselves. A true 5 star experience." – Jim Scali, The North Shore Realty Group, Inc.
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Ellen Yurko Business PortraitEllen Yurko Business PortraitEllen Yurko

"Thanks for the quick turn around on the pictures.  
Actually enjoyed the dreaded trip to update my photo very much!  The winner is #1 with #2 being a very close runner up. What a difference the light background makes and a different pose, feels like me. Thank you."

Ellen Yurko, Keller Williams


Your business portrait
will return its
modest investment 
if the image
captures your trust


It’s not about your smile, good looks, or intelligence. The image, that will become the first impression people have of you, will be judged with the question: Can I do business with this person? 


A successful, professionally produced, business portrait that expresses your trust proposition will jump your career to the next level. We have photographed clients who have reported back success stories that make our spirits soar. 

A portrait which expresses your trust proposition must do three things.


A business portrait must express confidence and approachability while capturing the subject's unique character. That’s a tall order to capture in 1/125th of a second! But done well, the image will help you achieve your goals.


comes from the eyes.


Ellen Yurko Business PortraitEllen Yurko Business PortraitEllen Yurko


We can not retouch confidence into the image. You need to feel confident in front of the camera. To get there, we offer several strategies including a make over by a professional makeup artist, several clothing options and detailed coaching during the session.


comes from the mouth.



With confidence in place, approachability comes from being in the present while in front of the camera. And that is tricky for anyone who has never been trained as a model. Getting there well, you just have to hire me to do your next business portrait to learn how I do that. But check out the results in the samples on this page. That’s what I do.

Capturing your
unique character is the
result of team work.



During the photographic session we will review the images in real time and discuss what you think is working and what is not. After each review, clients quickly step up their game and the process becomes exciting and fun for all.


How much retouching
is the right amount?


All images are fully retouched before release to the clients. The question is how far should we go. The more specific you are in telling us about the concerns you have the more you’re going to like the results. For example, tell us you have one eye lid that is lower than the other. Your nose hooks a little to one side. You have a tooth that is a different color. We will know exactly what to do. 


Stand-Out in a sea of “Selfies"


A well trained photographer using professional lighting paired with clients with the goal of presenting their commitment to their profession will win over all those who think a selfie with a great smile will do the job.


Professional photography requires  professional reimbursement.


In-studio photography services start at $200. 

The package includes makeup, two clothing changes, 30 to 40 minute photography session, one retouched pose, 2 files (Print ready and web ready). Each additional image is $50. 


Location photography services start at $250 for the first person, $200 for each additional person. 

The makeup artist requires a $200 minimum for up to 4 people, $50 each subject over 4.

The photo package includes two clothing changes, 20 to 30 minute photography session, one retouched pose, 2 files (Print ready and web ready). Each additional image is $50.

“In the summer of 2016, I sought out Rick for a professional headshot. He was very creative in trying many different poses to get the right look, and to offer a variety of selections for me to choose from. His attention to detail with the final editing of the photos was superb and he didn’t quit until I was completely satisfied with my chosen shot. I would recommend him for any professional or personal photo needs. He provides quality service in a professional manner at a reasonable price.”  – Michelle Pelletier Marshall, Rowley, Mass.


For more information and to book a session, please call 508-954-1298 today.

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What to bring. What not to bring.

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