Sharon & Richard Hydren, 80/20 Portraits

Everyone wants to look beautiful and confident in their portrait. Creating images which capture the very best version of you possible is our primary goal. 

We believe every daughter, every son, every Mom and every Dad should have that special moment when they look awesome, better looking than they ever imagined they could appear, that special moment when they are seen as a hero in a close family of heroes. 

The feeling of heroism each person feels in a family sharing unconditional love. Each child is a hero to their Mom and Dad. Just as every Mom and Dad are the most important heroes to their children.

We found that when we use a touch of imagination in preparing for portrait sessions, people of all ages, from 4 month olds to 104 year olds, respond with all their heart. 

The more heroic we help them feel, the more beautiful and the more perfect they appear.

This is our 80/20 rule of portraiture we use to capture our subjects, it’s simply love and imagination.

The connections felt during the session is the love. Imagination is all about the careful preparation and planning. 

So many parents let the opportunity slip by because life got too busy. Don’t let that happen to you. We are here to help, but you will have to reach out to us if we’re to begin.

Giving Back to the Community

We wish to donate a portion of our products and services to schools and nonprofits whose missions we care about. If you are involved in or know of an organization preparing a fundraising event in need of quality donations for their silent auctions please share their information with us.

To learn more about how we enjoy helping please visit: