Rick Hydren Photography, The Backstory


I started working at local newspapers when I was in high school in the late sixties. Graduated from Mass Art in the early seventies and went into advertising. After twenty years as an art director I had many regional and national awards to my name in print, TV and design. 


When computers started to break into desktop publishing I went solo with many notable clients such as Cape Air and Boston Chicken. Shortly thereafter I was creating web sites for my clients. 


These projects needed photographs which I started to do myself based upon what I had learned from so many years working with the best commercial photographers in and around Boston.


As with computers 12 years earlier, I jumped into digital cameras as soon as they added a hot shoe. By 2002 I already had over eleven years of experience with PhotoShop, along with all the other major publishing applications.


As my mastery of digital photography grew so has the many services I offer. Real estate photography, business portraits, product photography, portraiture and video production completes the diverse services I have been providing and equally diverse cliental.


My approach to your marketing problem is pretty standard. I need to think about the main benefit to the consumer. The unique selling points. Who is your target audience. And how best to reach them. 


A business portrait is often the first impression most people will have of you. My approach to creating this image of my clients is to design each one with goal of drawing out the personality within. Like other portrait services, such as children, high school seniors, brides, families and our elders, finding the personality is the key challenge.